Rooster Tail - Espresso Blend COFFEE

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Rich & Full Bodied Espresso Blend TASTING NOTES: Fig | Molasses | Dark Chocolate ABOUT THIS COFFEE: Rooster Tail is a slang term in surfing when a surfer is carving with great speed across the face of a wave, amidst the tuning maneuver, water sprays off the fins resulting in a rooster tail formation. Yeah, its the feeling that all surfers are after... We wanted to bottle up this feeling and create a smooth espresso blend that felt incredibly balanced. If you tend to lean toward a more full-bodied coffee, this is your jam. It is berry forward with a touch of roast and layered with rich chocolatey notes throughout. Gift box, Corporate gifting, Corporate Gift, Client Gift, Bulk Coffee, Gift, Gifting, Custom, Coffee, Coffee Bag, Specialty coffee, whole bean coffee, beautiful packaging, Christmas gift, Holiday, Holiday theme, Stocking Stuffer, Stocking Stuffers, Gift ideas, Gift for men, Gift for women, Under $20, Fall ideas, Whole Bean, Whole Bean Coffee, Craft, Holiday Market